Send us your short films that reflect oddball's mission of advocacy through art. Make us laugh, make us cry, make us think. Some things we would love to see in motion:

Stories of social issues, environmental activism, representation of marginalized communities, (BIPOC, indigenous, LGBTQ ) mad advocacy, and psychiatric survivor communities.

Show us the world how you see it through your camera lens and what matters to you. 

Genres can be Documentary, Narrative, Avant-Garde, Experimental, Musical, Animated, or anything else that you feel. With every film, provide a brief summary of the film and any trigger and content warnings, along with your bio, and any directorial statements.

Send us your best work, and you might find yourself an invitation to our first annual oddball film festival.

Punks! Anarchists! Zinesters! Street Artists! Poets! Send us your work for our street zine:

oddball re-view #1

send your physical copies and work to:

12 Giles Place, Mansfield MA, 02048

We are looking for volunteers to help the oddball foundation with its mission to fight to bust down mental health stigma, serve our community, change the system, engage in social justice, and help to protect our ailing environment.  All will be considered, these are remote volunteer positions. If you live in the Boston area, there is special consideration, so we can get together when the time is right.

Submit either video or audio of your original work.  Be sure to submit an accompanying cover letter with your poems.  If you submit audio-only, also submit a bio, and the lyrics of the work if it has lyrics. If sending video or film please make sure it's appropriate for all audiences. We prefer  SoundCloud, Vimeo, or youtube platforms, but will accept MOV. MP4. WAV as well.

We are looking for comic strips and animation for our site, here is your chance to make us laugh, make us cry, and make us think, comic strips and animation, and of course stand-up comedy. We are all adults here so as long as you aren't stripping as part of your show, make us laugh. All work must be original work, and will not be considered, (no Simpson's episodes, or Bernie Mack clips, as much as we love both, we know Life is Hell when we see it, unless your name is Matt Groening, don't submit it.) We'll see you in the funny pages. Submit now.

Oddball Magazine est. 1995, is trying something new! A chapbook contest.

We are looking for your best work, particularly those that describe your hardships, your struggles, your achievements, your victories, and your crushing defeats. We want your "I have been locked in a closet, begging for Ramen" work. We want your "I stumbled late at night, and fell and broke my hip" work. We want your "I write before I brush my teeth work because if I don't I will die." work.  We want your rawest, and most real, word sizzling, scorching, numbing, burn your tongue work. 

In all honesty, bring us your best work. Work that inspires us, and is thrilling to read.

All proceeds go to Oddball Magazine and the Oddball Foundation.

Submissions are open now and close after the 50th entry. The winner of the "Just Another Oddball Magazine Chapbook Contest" will be decided, one winner will be awarded, a Chapbook published by Oddball Magazine Publishing, editing and designed by Oddball Magazine Publishing.

Writers who submit work will also be published in Oddball Magazine for their participation. Writers Will be publicized and promoted through our social media campaigns. it's a win, win! And proceeds go to our Foundation, to help our mission to advocate, create art and community growth.

Good Luck!

Here is your shot to tell your story. What are your successes? What are your passions? What are your failures? What have you done, what is your reason for living? What do you want to tell the world? How can you motivate, and inspire us?  If you are sending a long work, (over 1500 words) please send along a few photos, or artworks that best compliment your story. Please send only your work, or work licensed by creative commons. Any story that is not a human interest story, will not be considered. If you are going to send a story, please use our general submissions tab.

This is your platform to do it. But please do not submit your poetry, tell me your story, your true story. Nonfiction only.

Move us. Send us your best artwork. Why does it fit with our magazine? Let us know in your cover letter. All original work will be considered. No simultaneous submissions. Nothing too inappropriate. Make us think. Move us, Thrill us, Floor us, but keep your clothes on.

An exclusive invitation to the members of PERFORMIX Creative Club, speak up, here's your chance.

Bring your best poetry, spoken word, no Pushcart mentions. Please, just don't. No simultaneous submissions. All forms accepted, just don't mention your nomination for pushcarts. Also, please don't let us know the other 50 places you have been accepted. Tell us something great about yourself. Also, if it bores your loved ones, it might just bore us. 

Let's see what you got Photographers, Photojournalists, what does your Photography say about you, the world, culture. Move us, leave us speechless, as they say a photo is worth 1000 words) No simultaneous submissions, only original work, appropriate for all audiences, (keep your clothes on.)

Street Art, anything done with spraypaint, or on a wall, canvas street sign, etc. will be considered, with spray paint will be considered. Please include the name of artist, and city spotted. See street art that moves you, send it over.

Because we publish fast, we also accept work on current events from the political to the eulogy to the holiday themed work.  Please note the topic of your submission in your application.
jason wright